4 Ways to ROCK Streetwear Style

Up Your Streetwear Style with The Cocky Shop

Many shy away from the streetwear style because they simply don’t know where to start. Luckily, The Cocky Shop is here to share with you four simple things you can do to completely rock the streetwear style and make it your own. Continue reading to learn more, and shop our store online for quality streetwear apparel that makes you look your best!

Girl wearing a long sleeve flannel over her Sadity t-shirt from The Cocky Shop.

Choose a Statement Piece

Always start with a statement piece that speaks to you, especially as a beginner in the streetwear style. From a belt or purse to a rocked out bomber jacket, starting with a statement piece makes it easy to piece together the perfect streetwear outfit that is personalized to fit your style. Check out some of our favorite statement pieces from The Cocky Shop today!

Guy wearing a Cocky hoodie, hat, and sunglasses.

Play with Styles and Proportions

Once you get a bit more comfortable with the streetwear style, you can start playing around with some different styles and proportions. A key to streetwear apparel is choosing one size bigger than normal to get a loose fit. Just make sure you don’t go too big to where your clothes seem baggy. Walking this line will help you achieve the traditional streetwear look. Additionally, choose a logo and a brand that you love to rep like Cocky or Sadity from The Cocky Shop. 

Close-up of a group of friends wearing a variety of sneakers.

Invest In an Amazing Pair of Sneakers

Many would say that sneakers are the most important component of the streetwear style so be willing to invest in an amazing pair that really shows off your personality. With sneakers being a huge part of this specific style, it becomes the statement piece for many streetwear fanatics. When all else fails, you can easily select an outfit that compliments your sneakers to rock the streetwear style both day and night.

Girl rocking the streetwear look with a Cocky t-shirt.

Be Yourself!

Above all else, the best way to rock the streetwear style is to be yourself. By making each piece unique to you, it’s easy to make it look natural and awesome. This is why choosing a statement piece that speaks to you is so important so that you can proudly represent yourself and your favorite streetwear brand — all while feeling confident about yourself and your style.

The Cocky Shop is your dedicated streetwear brand, and it is our mission to offer top-quality, comfortable apparel that makes rocking the streetwear style easy. Whether you are just starting to dabble in streetwear or you are a long-time veteran, we have exactly what you need to take your streetwear style to the next level. Check out all of our products online today!

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