4 Ways You Can Make a Hoodie a Fashion Statement

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Style


Hoodies are a long-time favorite as they are comfortable, warm, and versatile. Many may think that hoodies are too casual to be stylish or make a fashion statement, but The Cocky Shop is here to disprove this myth with four ways that you can make a hoodie fashionable. Continue reading to learn more, and shop our hoodies online today!

Blonde girl wearing white blazer over a black hoodie.


Style with a Blazer

Pairing a hoodie and blazer is a great way to keep things casual while adding just a touch of sleek style. The trick here is to choose a thinner hoodie to make sure that the layered look can provide amazing depth and texture, rather than just looking thick and bulky. When adding a blazer over your hoodie, the options are endless for colors and complete styles for any occasion! 

Girl wearing purple hoodie with white tailored pants



Style with Tailored Pants

By choosing tailored pants to wear with your hoodies, you are able to add a more formal spin to your outfit — making your hoodies more suitable for everyday wear for work or being out on the town. While this mixed and matched look isn’t for everyone, those that are looking for a somewhat formal way to rock their hoodies, this is the perfect option

Guy wearing a fitted white hoodie with jeans.



Wear a Fitted Hoodie

Although loose-fitting is the streetwear way, choosing a fitted hoodie over one that is baggy is just another way to make a fashion statement. This small change can take a chill outfit and make it more versatile and flattering to get you ready for whatever your day may hold. Check out our hoodies from The Cocky Shop today to find your new favorites!

Two guys leather jackets.



Style with a Leather Jacket

Pairing your hoodie with a leather jacket or bomber jacket turns this streetwear trend into a modern fashion statement. The loose nature of these jackets allow you to wear hoodies of all styles underneath them to create the perfect contrast of texture, color, and prints. Stay warm, comfortable, and fashionable with this versatile hoodie fashion statement.


Looking for more ways to make your favorite hoodies fashionable and versatile? As your dedicated streetwear brand, The Cocky Shop is dedicated to providing you the apparel items, accessories, and tips to take your streetwear fashion to the next level. Learn more from The Cocky Shop today, and check out our hoodies and other streetwear apparel online today!